What is 1-FOR-1 CARD?

The 1-FOR-1 CARD is unlike any other card!

Firstly it’s not another credit card or loyalty card.

The 1-FOR-1 CARD is an exciting new way to save money when dining out and offers you a fast and easy way to enjoy great deals & promotions at restaurants across Singapore.

Our aim is to encourage Singaporeans to dine out in restaurants more often which will also help the restaurant industry as a whole.

As a result everyone benefits from the 1-FOR-1 CARD both restaurants & members alike.

NO vouchers, NO coupons, NO credit cards & NO phone apps required

There are many reasons to join, here’s just a few of them….

  • It saves you money by giving you instant 1-for-1 deals & other great offers at restaurants across Singapore.

  • Its valid for 12 months.

  • It can be used an unlimited number of times at many restaurants.

  • One low annual fee.

  • It pays for itself after just a couple of uses.

  • Allows you to dine out more often & discover new restaurants.

  • No need to buy any daily deal coupons or vouchers in advance.

  • Information on all our partner restaurants can be accessed via out website including the offers and availability.

Start saving now!!!