The 1-FOR-1 CARD

1. What is 1-FOR-1 CARD?

1-FOR-1 CARD is a dining privilege card that provides its members with 1-for-1 offers & other discounts at restaurants across Singapore.

2. How do I become a member?

Joining 1-FOR-1 CARD is very easy! Just visit our sign-up page, or call us on 62357201 / 91018074

3. How much does 1-FOR-1 CARD cost?

Membership is S$169 for 12 months or S$199 for the VIP CARD.

4. When will I receive my 1-FOR-1 CARD?

You will receive your membership card 10-14 days after we receive your application & payment.

5. I lost my 1-FOR-1 CARD, what should I do?

No problem! Simply drop us an email at members@1for1card.com or us call on 62357201 / 9101 8074 to request a replacement card. (a $10 replacement fee will be applicable)

6. Is the 1-FOR-1 CARD transferable?

Your 1-FOR-1 CARD is for you only so it is NOT transferable. Your friends and family can of course benefit from it by joining you whenever you dine out, but you can’t give or loan it to them.

Restaurants and Discounts

1. Which restaurants are accepting 1-FOR-1 CARD?

Click here for a complete list of our partner restaurants.

2. How do I receive discounts?

Simply present your 1-FOR-1 CARD whenever you dine in one of our partner restaurants. Please remember to check our website for the latest offers before dining.

Please note all 1-for-1 offers are available for a minimum of 2 people dining together with the lower or equivalent value meal being offered by the restaurant on a complimentary basis.

3. Is there a minimum order before I can get the discount?

No, there are no minimum order requirements.

4. Can I dine alone?

Yes, however to enjoy any 1-for-1 deals you must dine with at least one other person.

5. How many family/friends can dine with me with 1-FOR-1 CARD?

You can check the maximum number of diners permitted on the 1-FOR-1 CARD under each restaurants listing on our website.

6. When can I use my 1-FOR-1 CARD?

You can use it every day if you wish!

However please note that some restaurants do have closed-out dates: e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day and New Year etc, Please check under each restaurants listing on our website.

7. Does the 1-FOR-1 CARD discount apply to take-outs?

The 1-FOR-1 CARD cannot be used for take-outs, unless otherwise specified. Members must dine in the restaurant to receive the discount.

8. I have seen a restaurant on your website which has closed down, why is this still appearing?

We make every effort to keep restaurant information included on this website up to date however we rely on our partner restaurants to contact us if they wish to be removed from our website. If you are aware of any restaurant which is no longer operating, please let us know via email at members@1for1card.com or you can call us on 62357201 / 9101874.

9. Can I use 1-FOR-1 CARD with other promotions?

1-FOR-1 CARD offers cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or discounts.

10. Restaurant Information

We make every effort to keep the restaurant information on this website up to date, however as we rely on our partners for this information we can’t always guarantee it’s accuracy. Therefore we do recommend that you telephone your selected restaurant before dining to confirm their current 1-FOR-1 CARD offers to avoid any misunderstandings.

11. In case of disputes

In case of any disputes, the restaurant management’s decision is final.

12. I have another question

If you have any questions not covered above, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.