Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

If you want to reduce your entertainment expenses, recognise your customers, boost sales of your products and services, reward your star performers, or provide employee benefits, the 1-FOR-1 CARD is here for you.

There are many ways to reward and retain your customers and employees, but nothing works quite like the 1-FOR-1 CARD and few gifts have such universal appeal.

Show your customers and employees that you truly appreciate them by presenting them with a gift that they can use all year long!

Whatever the size of your business, the 1-FOR-1 CARD can offer you real benefits and save you money!


Corporate Benefits


The 1-FOR-1 CARD can be used:

  • To reduce your entertaining expenses.
  • As a thank you to valued clients for doing business with you
  • As a thank you for anyone who refers new business to you
  • As a corporate gift – that lasts for 12 months!
  • As a sales incentive.
  • As a reward for employee performance.
  • As part of an Employee Benefits Scheme – or it can be offered to employees at a reduced cost
  • As a giveaway at exhibitions or as a door gift at conferences.

Corporate Entertaining

Reduce your business dining expenses invest in 1-FOR-1 CARD for your sales staff and start saving now!

Corporate Gifts

Searching for a creative, cost-effective gift idea for clients?

The 1-FOR-1 CARD makes a perfect gift for everyone and is a great way to thank and retain customers, acquire new ones and increase sales.

Ideal as a Christmas or New Year gift and your customers will enjoy substantial savings throughout the year and remember you and thank you for it.

Real Estate Agents & Financial Consultants

The 1-FOR-1 CARD is an ideal gift for Real Estate Agents and Financial Consultants to give to their clients.

Employee Rewards & Sales Incentives

Want a simple cost-effective way to reward your employees?

To get the best out of your staff it is important to reward them and the 1-FOR-1 CARD is the perfect incentive to reward staff and it also makes a great sales incentive.

Employee Benefits

Add real value to your company benefits package, the 1-FOR-1 CARD is a unique staff benefit which you can offer to your employees as part of your company’s benefits package.

1-FOR-1 CARD is a highly visible and tangible benefit that can be used by everyone every day. It acts as a constant reminder that your organisation believes in looking after its people.

Alternatively, 1-FOR-1 CARD can also be offered to your staff at preferential rates.

Implementation is easy and there’s nothing complicated to explain to your staff, 1-FOR-1 CARD can be used right from the start and we can take care of the administration which means there’s absolutely no additional work for your HR department.

No other employee benefit could be easier to introduce than the 1-FOR-1 CARD and your staff will appreciate the valuable benefits it provides.

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Do you provide Membership or Subscription Services?

1-FOR-1 CARD is great for driving new memberships or subscriptions.

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