The 1-FOR-1 CARD Affiliate Program

Earn money easily. Get paid a sales commission for
each transaction that runs through your website or blog.


Your benefits as an affiliate:

  • 25% commission per sale
  • Cookie lifetime – 60 days
  • Support and advice from the 1-FOR-1 CARD Affiliate Program
Earn money as a 1-FOR-1 CARD affiliate

How it works


How do I become an affiliate? 

  • Register now as an affiliate with our partner network here
  • Integrate 1-FOR-1 CARD ad banners into your website or blog.
  • Users click on the 1-FOR-1 CARD ad banners and join via
  • You earn your commission.

How does payment take place? 

  • After 45 days 1-FOR-1 CARD verifies the orders and confirms, amends or declines the transactions. After processing, all valid sales payout will be made directly to you.


What do I need to consider:

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions for the 1-FOR-1 CARD affiliate program below. Our terms and conditions regulate the rights and duties between the website operator and 1-FOR-1 CARD.

Our Partner




The Affiliate Gateway (TAG) Singapore is part of The Collinson Group which has a rich heritage in both partnership and loyalty marketing, and product and technology innovation.

With over two decades of experience The Collinson Group has worked with some of the world’s leading customer and relationship focused organisations across a wide range of industries.


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